Pregnancy Confirmation

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Considering Adoption?

Although adoption isn’t suitable for everyone, women who choose adoption, might not want an abortion, and aren’t quite ready to be a parent yet. You might also have concerns about your financial stability, family situation and future endeavors — and that’s okay! Adoption is a viable option for women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Nowadays there are different types of adoptions.

There are several families ready to financially support and raise a child, but are unable to grow their family on their own. When you set up an appointment with Hope Medical, we will walk you through our process and answer any questions you may have. If you feel adoption is best for you, we will provide you with contact information for reputable adoption agencies. Types of Adoptions? Opened, Semi-opened, or closed.

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Post Abortion Healing:

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All abortion consultation services are confidential as allowed by state law.