Will defunding Planned Parenthood stop abortion?

April 11, 2017




(Photo: Reuters/Andrew Kelly)A member of the New York Police Department stands outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in the Manhattan borough of New York, November 28, 2015.


At recent rallies to end funding of Planned Parenthood thousands of Pro-Life supporters rallied outside over 200 Planned Parenthood clinics across the nation.


Their only goal- Defund Planned Parenthood!


But what will it mean to us here in Kennewick?  Will defunding Planned Parenthood stop abortion here?


Our politicians tell us that the funding to Planned Parenthood is not used for abortion, but we all know better.  If our tax dollars are used to operate the clinic then more of the fees charged for abortion procedures can go to profits.  Their argument is really an insult to the intelligence of the tax payers.


Here in Washington things seem even worse.  The state of Washington has passed laws and vowed to continue its support of Planned Parenthood.  So, even if the Federal Government stops their support, we will still see our local tax dollars used to support Planned Parenthood.


From my office at Hope Medical of WA I can see the Kennewick Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.  This clinic provides surgical abortions for women from all over eastern Washington, Northeastern Oregon and Western Idaho, and I’m always amazed at its appearance.  The old cinder block construction painted gray could not look more sinister; I would be afraid to go there to get a Band-Aid, but the women keep going in.


And so, I’m convinced that defunding Planned Parenthood will not stop abortion here, but it will help.  It will save some, but not all, babies from abortion and that’s a good start!


We at Hope Medical are offering free pregnancy tests and free ultrasound. We avoid politics and demonstrations because our mission is to save one mother and one baby at a time, right here in our home town.


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Most importantly, please pray that Americans will stop wanting abortion which is our only real hope for stopping it.



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Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/thousands-of-pro-life-supporters-rally-across-us-to-defund-planned-parenthood-174782/#PJXTXEmuzLaHDoWe.99

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